Google Update Might Delete Your Website

Google Might Delete Your Shitty Website

Google has announced that it’s to release another algorithmic update on November 1, 2015. This Google update has the potential to affect many sites. They have made the rather ominous statement that certain pages will be deleted if they don’t measure up to the latest standard of mobile-friendliness.

Problems with Large Mobile apps or Pages

Many people will know the pain of a website that has a giant popup ad with a small hidden X to close. Many sites use this as an ad scam. Most people never see the close button and have to click the ad to close it. Google sees that content of a website is blocked, thus the website itself should be blocked. This new Google update will do just that!

Google fights Cheap SEO Companies

Google itself has used this tactic before, and decided to stop, after research found that almost 75% of page visitors left the website completely when spammed with a full page ad.

The fact that 8% of users actually clicked the link was not enough to sway the decision to stop the practice.

Lots of web designers and developers still use this practice as a cheat to gain sales for their clients. Many SEO and marketing firms use this early in the game to show a spike in sales which would justify the cost to the clients. Not knowing that the long term effects would be devastating to the company. With the latest Google update, that bad SEO company would almost kill the clients website profits.

Mobile Friendly?

Google released the mobile friendly update, known as Mobilegeddon, in April, 2015. Since then, non mobile sites have been slowly dropping from the rankings. Many sites that used a responsive or mobile friendly design actually saw quite the gain in their ranking as their competitors rank dropped. Survival is key with google. If your website was built within the last 2 years and the developers did nothing to make the site mobile friendly, you made a VERY Poor choice in which company to use. If you use an SEO company currently and they have not spent time fixing these issues within the last 1-2 years, you are wasting your money on an SEO scammer. With this new Google update, Your website will most likely be deleted from Googles database!

What To Do

Well, first off. Take a look at your own website, does it work on a mobile or even a tablet? Do ads or popups block any of the content? Can you click the links and buttons and easily read the text? If not, your website may be deleted from google.

Take a look at our mobile test for instance. We rank so high because we spend the time on the website and have the know how to do it properly. Dont cut corners or try to cheat Google, their collective brain is smarter than any of us. Check your website on the link above and see how it ranks. Post your results in the comments!

If you fail, ditch your old “Web Designers”, “developers”,  “SEO company” or whatever those hacks call themselves. They are probably doing more harm to your business than anything.

Hopefully its not too late, Contact us NOW to get your website ready for this new Google update!

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