Top 20 Online Marketing Mistakes

Lets face it, everyone thinks online marketing and SEO is an easy practice. Many people start a small business, use some small template site like Wix (horrible), and think all it takes is a couple ads and telling your friends over Facebook. Let me save you some trouble and warn you that it is not as easy as people think. Getting your page ranked, or marketing to a target audience is a very hard thing to do correctly, especially when using a low converting design like the ones many of these template sites have.

If you so choose to tackle this huge endeavor on your own, I have come up with a list of the most common online marketing mistakes the average person makes when marketing online.

  1. Excessive Humility

    Being humble is one thing, But if you are in sales, you will fail. Miserably. That said, don’t be too pushy either!

  2. Having no Vision or a plan

    Finding your vision is the foundation of building a small business. Know what you are after and make a plan on how you mean to reach your goal

  3. Payment Plan

    Get a solid plan of how much you are going to charge, and what you are going to pay your employees. Figure out your budget before you even start.

  4. Taking On SEO

    SEO, or search engine optimization, is a relentless battle between websites and google. Googling something is almost second nature and your customer will only take a look at the first couple of links. If you do not have a background in SEO and know the difference between white-hat and black-hat. Hire a company like us to save you loads of time and money, and to keep you from being penalized on google. (its easier than you think)

  5. Not Blogging

    Your blog is a perfect mechanism to spread your ideas and products online. Blogs can make or break a business and you need to have a solid plan of attack with really engaging content.

  6. Lack of Personal Touch

    Humans are smart animals, we can tell when a blog is written by an actual person, and we know when its some regurgitated garbage to try and get a conversion.

  7. Not Using Social Media

    Social media is a not waste of time, contrary to what you may think. Most people i know spend a good portion of their day on the various social media websites. So does half the world. So why not tap into that market. Have a plan, and do it properly. Or hire a company like us! (shameless self promotion)

  8. Not Making Friends

    Gaining new customers is one thing, but turning customers into friends is better. Give them an experience that will have them telling all their friends about you.

  9. Not Paying Attention To The New Guys

    We have all been a newbie at one point or another, in multiple categories. Spot them, and keep them happy. Customers tend to stick with the first business they had a good experience with, for many reasons.

  10. Ignoring the Offline World

    Get business cards made, and take them with you everywhere. When you meet someone new, give them a card. See someone that relates to your business, give them a card. Have fliers made, hand them out at related events or functions. They will put a face to the business and be more inclined to actually perchance your product.

  11. Not Using Affiliates

    Set up an affiliate program, even make one on your website, they can take your business to a whole new level. The affiliates will take on part of the risk and advertise your business for you! Think of it as advertising, that someone else pays for.

  12. Not Making Friends in the Right Places

    Events give you the opportunity to meet the right people in your industry, remember to bring those business cards!

  13. Not Spreading Your Opinion

    Whatever you do, you are part of that industry, you are an insider. Spread your opinion, as it is an informed one.

  14. Ignoring Message Boards

    Yes, even though Social media has turned a lot of the old websites into desolate wastelands, people do still use message boards. Find related forums and join in the conversations. You will be pleasantly surprised how often people will be looking for your product or service.

  15. Not Using YouTube

    YouTube is the third most visited site in the world. Getting some good quality videos made, and having people watch them can be one of the best online marketing tactics around. It is a lot easier for potential customers to gain interest in your product by watching and listening to a video, then reading a couple paragraphs of text.

  16. Not Having Sales

    Think Black Friday, time constraints and cheaper prices are one of the most effective motivators around. You will gain an average of 20% more conversions with a simple “ON SALE NOW” page.

  17. Mediocre Customer Service

    People barely talk about that decent, or even good experience they had with a business, but give them one bad experience and they will tell at least 3 to 4 people to stay clear of your business. Keep your customers happy!

  18. Not Getting Publicity

    Media attention is probably the biggest and widely ranged advertisements you can get. If you can get an interview with the media you might just have that perfect jump start to your business. Know of a really polluted park or trail in your town? Organize a cleanup with your friends (and customers) to help pick up the garbage and clean up the area. Donate snacks and coffee and organize it well. Inform the local media in the weeks before the event and you will have some great karma and free promotion!

  19. Not Hiring Professionals

    I see it every day. People come to us after wasting loads of time and money on making their own website, or hiring the cheap guys, only to find it never converting sales, and barely getting 50 page views a day. Don’t waste your time, hire professionals right from the start and you will be happy you did. Like most things, you get what you pay for. Proper Web designers or Online Marketers will have a solid, well developed and tested plan to get you up and running as easily and smoothly as possible.

  20. Marketing A Bad Website

    I see this every day as well. People save money by using cheap web designers, and spend all their money on advertising. Well the problem they run into is, that website, even though it might actually look ok, is not optimized for the internet. There a a multitude of things you need to add in the code, from facebook tags, analytics and remarketing tags, expires headers, meta tags, rich snippets and structured data, microdata, microformats, RSS feeds, etc etc. Do you know what websites have all these? The ones at the top of google! I could go a lot farther into detail on this topic, but maybe I should save that for a future article.


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    • haha yeah phil, that was real! Our talent comes in getting it to 10 million views that fast!

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